The Problem in Brief

So…I got into a little dustup on Twitter today. That's not unusual. Any woman in the games industry who puts herself out there finds her opinions challenged all the time. What's different about this argument is that Jessica Price storified it:

(Thank you, Jessica!)

The saddest part of the situation is that guys like that don't even see that they are part of the problem. This guy started off discussing how to get women more into the industry but ended up displaying exactly why there are so few. Conversations like this make me grateful for the all the open minds I know.


Murdered: Soul Suspect Press Post

I'm going to make one big post for the initial press on our game. For the most part, the reviews are good.

Some reviewers are excited about the IP, but wary because Airtight Games is the developer. They are basing this concern our Airtight's past performance, not on the work being produced by the current team. It's a shame, because Airtight went to a lot of trouble to woo talent from other companies. The design team alone has years of experience on titles like Mass Effect, Alan Wake, Infamous, War in the North, and so many more. I hope people can look past their perception of the company and judge our game experience on its own merits.


TIME magazine loves GW2

Does TIME magazine love Guild Wars 2? Oh, yes. Yes, they do. As news and entertainment outlets start posting their yearly retrospectives, a lot of them are sending love and kisses to Guild Wars 2.  It's wonderful to see all of our hard work rewarded. I'm so proud that I was a part of this massive endeavor. Here's a nod from Time magazine:

They think that Guild Wars 2 is the best video game of 2012. Not shabby!