Meggel, My Guild Wars Mini Me

Guild Wars just published Wayfarer's Reverie, a series of quests and events about the history of the game. A bunch of the devs are there as in-game characters, too. We all wrote lines of dialogue that summed up our experiences working on Guild Wars. The asuran Anna is rambling on about wordplay, much like I used to when editing content for the Live team. So many glorious memories of arguing grammar and punctuation with Matthew Moore. Happy times.



You can find Meggel and friends in the Eye of the North area.

Epic Rap Battles of Tyria: Master Togo vs. Yijo Tahn

John Stumme is back with his latest rap battle. It looks like he and Matthew Moore are going to start battling for REAL soon. Details to follow. In the meantime, enjoy Master Togo vs. Yijo Tahn!


Master Togo:
Now your class is in session!
Schooling you on EVERYTHING
Is my Primary Profession!
If you think that you can battle this,
I'll shut you DOWN like Minister Wona
I'll send you off on your own field trip
To the wastelands of Elona!


Yijo Tahn:
You want to talk about field trips?
You're always camping with your Spirits!
But I don't blame you for always hanging back
If you stepped to me, you'd know what fear is!
I'm the best and I'm the brightest
In ALL of Shing Jea
You may think that you're Headmaster now,
But I’ve got a lesson for YOU about PAIN!


Master Togo:
I don't think you understand who you're messing with,
You're not even fit to share the stage
I'm going to knock you back to kindergarten
I'm royalty, and royally,
I'm going to take your rhymes to task
I've graded the lines that you've turned in,
And Yijo, you DIDN'T PASS!


Yijo Tahn:
Is it getting hot in here?
Maybe that's just me
I'm not feeling well, it's not hard to tell
But I really, really
Want... to eat... your face
Stupid man... fancy words...
Hit things... kill you


Yijo Tahn has... has become an Afflicted!
He's unable to continue the battle!
Can anyone finish this battle?
...Can ANYONE stand against Master Togo?


Headmaster Vhang:
I've got this.


BANG! That was the sound of your mind as it just got BLOWN!
Headmaster Vhang gonna do his thang so let the truth be known,
I'm gunning for you, Togo, I'LL be running the Monastery
It's not suspect that my intellect's so much greater than yours it's scary!
The only thing that you've got that I haven't,
Are the wrinkles on your face
Between you and me, you can keep them
Just like you can't keep pace
With me, I'm incredible, my burns will be indelible, it's unethical what I'm going to do
I'm going to flex my lexical prowess as my beats defenestrate you!
My lyrics are sesquipedalian, 
Yours are decrepit and they're failing
Your style's old and unappealing, this much you know is true
Class is dismissed, you've been marked in red, now get out of MY school!