The Problem in Brief

So…I got into a little dustup on Twitter today. That's not unusual. Any woman in the games industry who puts herself out there finds her opinions challenged all the time. What's different about this argument is that Jessica Price storified it:

(Thank you, Jessica!)

The saddest part of the situation is that guys like that don't even see that they are part of the problem. This guy started off discussing how to get women more into the industry but ended up displaying exactly why there are so few. Conversations like this make me grateful for the all the open minds I know.


Interview with Debuffed: Out of the Box

I did a live interview yesterday with the Grievance Gaming clan, on their Debuffed: Out of the Box show. I wasn't sure what to expect, but they were very cool people. Thanks, Steelheart and Ehvayne! John Ryan and I had a lot of fun.

You can see the videos here:

Things to look for as you're viewing:

  • Codille's attempt to become internet famous.
  • John Ryan's reaction to some hidden dirt about the British Museum.
  • The sun slowly setting as the interview went on, leaving me in darkness by the end.
  • Nixy turning my camera off.
  • Fangirling by multiple people.
  • And this:

Thanks a lot for having us on your show, GG! 


Only a few weeks remain before I start working on my book full time. Happily, my hiatus coincides with NaNoWriMo, so I signed up. This is my first year participating officially; I hope it's as motivational as everybody says it is. 

nanowrimo participant.png

I'm trying to get a lot of the structural and prep work out of the way now, so that I can sit down and simply write come November. I already have the characters figured out, and I know the overarching structure and flow. Seven interwoven short stories, connected by theme. Here are the working titles:

novel start.JPG

I took this picture last night and already two working titles have changed and the order has shifted. So much to figure out; so much that could go wrong…or right. To quote Willy Wonka, "The suspense is terrible. I hope it lasts."


So…I’m leaving the game industry. I’m going to work on a personal project that is far removed from what’s happening in the triple-A universe these days.

As you may know, my contract with Airtight Games ends next month.  I’ve considered my job opportunities carefully, but I don’t feel excited about any of the projects that have come my way recently.  Coming out of Murdered, I want to work on something meaningful that aligns with my personal philosophies about the future of gaming. Luckily for me, I’m at a place in my life where I can afford to take a break. I don’t know when—or if—I’ll have this chance again, so I’m seizing it. I’ll devote the next few months to my own work and hope to have something ready for publication by the end of the year.

This doesn’t mean I’m leaving the industry entirely. I’m acting as consultant on a few small indie projects while I’m on hiatus.  And maybe the perfect major project will come along and tempt me back. Who knows? In any case, I won’t be gone long. 

NOTE: Some of you have responded with concern about my decision, so I want to clarify that this is good news. It's a luxury for a creator to be able to focus exclusively on her own work. I'm incredibly lucky to have the option of taking time off for a passion project.

I didn't make this choice lightly; I've been agonising over it for weeks. It's a scary step. However, I am absolutely confident that I've made the right choice. I hope you all will trust my judgment and support me.

NOTE 2: There is nothing wrong with the project opportunities available to me. I'm not casting judgment on the state of AAA titles or the current games industry. I simply prefer to work on my own project while I have this chance.