Playing the GW2 beta

I've been playing the Guild Wars 2 beta this weekend. I've mostly been showing my brother around and bragging, but I also jumped in with a fan and played in the norn starter area. I'm glad I did, because I had a blast and got to see events that I wrote in action. Some of them, like the Snow Leopard event, I had never seen implemented in the game before. Some of them, like helping Grimarr Molesmasher, I've seen before, but I remembered how much fun I had coming up with the phrase "kick 'em in the comrades." Peter Fries and I giggled all day about variations on that line. 

It's always fun to see how the designers flesh out something that you've seen only in outline or written form. I had no idea that the Snow Leopard event was going to be such a slaughter fest. I was more focused on cuddling the cubs, I suppose. I did feel like a bully as harmless, little creatures fled from the safety of the brush and I butchered them with a single claw-swipe. Lizzie of Kryta said it best: "Snow Leopard thanks us. PETA does not."