Last Day at ArenaNet—Gangnam Style!

Today was my last day at ArenaNet.  The writers gave me a farewell potluck lunch, which was very kind of them. The food was amazing, except for the cherry pie that Peter brought. For some reason it tasted like BBQ sauce. Very odd.


They also chipped in and got me a Costume Quest t-shirt. Now I can Double Fine it up the entire weekend at PAX. Woohoo!

 But the greatest gift I received today was, by far, having Peter and David act out the elevator scene from Gangnam Style for me. I was pestering them for weeks to do it, but they kept refusing. Today they finally agreed. It was hilarious beyond words. Quizshow filmed the whole thing and AJ kindly matched it up to the music.  Here's the original:


And here is the awesome Gangnam GW2 Style version:


I love that it already has 155 views as I type this. I'm pretty sure that means that the same seven people are watching it over and over, like I am. I honestly can't see it without snorting with laughter. So good!

All in all, it was a satisfying last day. It still doesn't seem real that I won't be getting up and going to work at ArenaNet tomorrow—or ever.  Maybe it will sink in as my first day at Airtight draws closer. Or as I start to miss my old coworker friends.

Moving On

Today I announced that I'm leaving ArenaNet and heading off to Airtight Games. I accepted the narrative design job at Airtight weeks ago, but I didn't want to cast any shadows on the release of Guild Wars 2, so I waited. It's been a bittersweet time for me. GW2 has done so well (despite a bit of rocky start) and our fans have been so supportive. I'm giddy over the game's success and the completion of this project I've worked on for so long. That part has been pure joy.

I'm also tremendously excited by the challenges waiting for me at Airtight. My new (unannounced-but-awesome) project is definitely a writer's game and there's a lot of narrative to design. I have no doubt that this move to Airtight is right for me. But... I am really going to miss my Arena family. I have grown so close to my coworkers there. It's very hard to say goodbye, knowing that the inevitable drifting apart will occur. The team separated into different rooms today, each writer peeling off to work on various aspects of content. Three times I turned to tell Peter something,  and he wasn't there. This is going to take some getting used to.