The Threshold Kids

Finally, finally, FINALLY the Threshold Kids are out in the world and everyone can see their glory and horror.

threshold kids tweet 2.JPG
threshold kids tweet 3.JPG
threshold kids tweet 4.JPG

More than anything else in Control, the Threshold Kids are my fever dream. When I first pitched the idea of a kids’ puppet show inside a AAA game, the reception was, uh, lukewarm. “Janky handmade sockpuppets explaining our complicated ideas in a simple way” didn’t resonate with people. But the idea haunted my head. I couldn’t stop talking about them.

One day, Mircea Purdea from the cinematics team wandered over to the writing room. “I heard you want puppets,” he said. “I have some experience with puppets.” I explained my idea to him and gave him links to material that had a similar tone. Shows like Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared. Especially this episode:

And Hi Stranger, of course.

After Mircea saw the videos, he was all-in on the idea. He made the puppets by hand, crafted all the props, and built sets for them. Heli Salomaa sewed tiny, detailed costumes for them. I wrote up the beats for the episodes and handed them off to Clay Murphy, who added his humor to the screenplays. (He later wrote the shrill, 90s-era theme song for TK and consulted on the VO sessions.) And then filming started, and everything got darker than we’d planned.

When we went to E3 2018 to announce the game, a fan presented us with a sockpuppet award and it felt like a sign. (Thanks so much for Socky!)

sam lake and sockpuppet.jpg

I’m so grateful to everyone who helped bring my haunting puppet dream to life. It’s been a joy to see my kids find their audience and receive the love they deserve.

VG24/7 collected a bunch of them into one video. Happy viewing!