The Night Before Control

In 2017, Sam Lake and Mikki Rautalahti pitched me a game about an unusual government agency. The P7 pitch had beautiful concept art & interesting character descriptions, but it was the New Weird flavor that hooked me. I fell in love with it. That was my first glimpse of Control.

control oldest house

I was entranced by Control. I sold my belongings & moved halfway around the world to HEL to work on it. And as I dug into the design documents, I fell deeper in love. This was the world & story I’d waited for my entire career. A perfect match for my interests & imagination.

jesse fly gif control.gif

I poured my heart into helping build Control’s world: The rules of the Oldest House & the unsettling experiences players might have there. The lore of this strange & shifting world. As the story developed, Eevi Korhonen & I drew from history, literature, and the weirdest corners of the web.

floaters control game.gif

With help from Petteri Tuomimaa, we vetted literally hundreds of candidates to assemble a brilliant writing team: Clay Murphy, Ben Gelinas, Angel McCoy, Sinikka Annala, and (eventually) Brooke Maggs. Everyone fell in love with Control & itched to get writing.

Remedy Writers Doodle.jpg

We went on field trips to see Hereditary & Blade Runner. We dissected Beyond the Black Rainbow, Annihilation & Stalker. We visited the Museum of Jurassic Technology and watched Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared. I’d brought my occult library with me from the US, so we studied superstitions, weird history, natural wonders & the paranormal. Our motto was “Make It Weird.”

annihilation shimmer.png

We tried to give people outside the studio hints about the strange creation that was coming. But some things are hard to explain.

new weird.jpg

All of this to say, I loved Control. Walking away from the game to take on my current role at Ubisoft Massive was a tough decision. It was the right choice, though. I love my new project and team. And I knew I was leaving Control in capable hands.

I trusted the writers to bring our screenplays to life and work with the other teams to realize this wild fever dream of a world. I’ve followed the game updates with interest & I can’t wait to see how our words got transformed into playable quests.

control jesse gun.gif

Of course, it takes a huge team of people to make a game like Control, so I have to praise the entire P7 team at Remedy for their hard work and vision. And, of course, everyone at 505 Games for their support. Congratulations, to all of us. I can’t wait to play!