IgDA Event

I'm hosting an event for IGDA DC this month. My original plan was to have a small meetup of gamewriters who would get together and discuss writing once a month. But then it became an official IGDA event  and really awesome devs signed on to chat with us and now it's turned into  this:

The event starts at 6pm on Saturday, 9/26, at American University’s Game Lab. If you’re in the DC/Baltimore area, you won’t want to miss this.

Meet the Devs

Lucien Soulban
Lucien Soulban is a twice-nominated BAFTA writer for Far Cry 3 and Far Cry 4. He started writing in the stone age of games with a career in tabletop RPGs that spanned 20 years as writer, editor, and developer, with such properties as Vampire: The Masquerade and Dungeons & Dragons. He jumped to fiction, where he wrote novels for Warhammer 40K and Dragonlance, as well as various horror anthologies including Blood Lite 1, 2, & 3. In the last ten years, Lucien has worked on such AAA titles as Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Rainbow Six: Vegas, Far Cry 3, Far Cry 3 – Blood Dragon, and Far Cry 4 as writer and lead writer. He is currently working on an as-yet-to-be named project at Ubisoft Montreal.

Aaron Linde
Aaron Linde is a writer and game designer currently stationed at Gearbox Software, where he creates hand-forged fart jokes for the upcoming hero shooter Battleborn. Linde’s previous credits include games nobody’s ever played, as well as Gears of War 3, which at least several people played. He’s also an occasional creative collaborator on the web series Hey Ash Whatcha Playin’, and runs a novelty Twitter account about a dad from a 1994 SNES RPG. Expertise: Game writing and editing, narrative design, VO production, game design, fart jokes, localization, and fart joke localization.

 Chris Klimas
Chris Klimas created Twine, an open-source tool for interactive text-based storytelling, in 2009 and continues to lead the project. He also develops indie games as part of Twofold Secret since 2011, which began with Flash games and transitioned to PC titles in recent years. Expertise: interactive fiction, open source, browser-based games.

Grant K. Roberts
Grant K. Roberts began his career in the games industry in 1997 as a writer and editor at Next Generation Magazine.  Two years after that, he started in full-time game development.  Most recently, he led the design of a culturally important, award-winning game with the Alaska Native community called Never Alone.  Before that, he worked on a wide variety of titles such as Marvel Comics games for kids, free-to-play games for phones, big-budget sequels for the hardcore, and casino games for the bargain bin.

 John Ryan
John Ryan has been writing either about or for games for more than 10 years now. He’s written for franchises including Fable and Guild Wars. Currently, John edits copy for Destiny. Expertise: game writing, editing, story bibles, narrative design, AAA dev process, world building, transmedia fiction, VO direction.

Kate Edwards
Kate Edwards is the Executive Director of the International Game Developers Association (IGDA) and also a geographer and founder of Geogrify, a Seattle-based consultancy for content culturalization. Formerly, she was Microsoft’s Geopolitical Strategist in the Geopolitical Strategy team she created and managed, helping the company avoid costly mistakes in their product content. Since leaving Microsoft, she has provided guidance to many companies on a wide range of geopolitical and cultural issues, and she continues to work on a variety of game franchises. In October 2013, Fortune magazine named her as one of the “10 most powerful women” in the game industry and in December 2014 she was named by GamesIndustry.biz as one of their six People of the Year.

 Matthew Moore
Matthew Moore is a sometimes singing, always writing, multi-format game designer. Formerly with Microsoft and ArenaNet, he now works by day on digital games at Disney Interactive and by night readying the release of his tabletop juggernaut, Bring Your Own Book.

Patrick Coursey
Patrick Coursey is a freelance videogame writer and designer. His recent work focuses on describing real-world conflicts and controversies through the lens of gameplay. He’s currently finishing the upcoming Cloud Chasers with Blindflug Studios, which was an Official Selection for IndieCade@E3 2015 and awarded “Best in Play” at GDC Play 2015.

 Phil Salvador
Phil Salvador is the author of The Obscuritory, a blog about obscure games. He has hosted panels about the design lessons and history of obscure games at MAGFest and Awesome Con and is a member of the game collection committee at the American University Library. Expertise: game history, game criticism, independent work, blogging, community.

Sarah Bergh
Sarah Bergh is a 2D and User Interface (UI) artist. Currently she is web designing for an educational game company called GlassLab, and before that did UI and 2d art for a number of projects including Lara Croft and the Temple of OsirisMurdered: Soul Suspect,Microsoft Flight, and Age of Empires: Online. She also loves to draw monsters in her spare time. Expertise: user interface, user experience, 2d art, concept art.

Tanis O’Connor
Tanis is an adventure card game designer with Paizo Publishing, responsible for creating and maintaining the Pathfinder Society Adventure Card Guild organized play program. She previously worked at Wizards of the Coast on Dungeons and Dragons, and at Lone Shark Games as an editor and factotum. She spends her free time harassing cats and advancing the cause of women in gaming. Expertise: tabletop game production, start to finish; design, development, editing, RPGs, board/card games, and user interaction.

And super-secret special guests!!