PAX East Panels on the Horizon

Now that MAGFest is over, it's time to focus on my next set of panels. I'm excited to take part in two panels at PAX East this year.  Both deal with topics I've been itching to discuss.

Censored! Do Gamedevs Have Creative Freedom?

Creative freedom in games has been a hot topic lately. But what's the truth? Do game developers have the freedom to make the games they want? Five industry veterans give you the inside story. From "too much" sex and violence to the ESRB, find out what it takes to overcome industry restrictions and turn creative ideas into games.  Saturday, March 7th at 8:00pm in the Condor Theatre.


And Ken Gagne already wrote up the details for my other panel on his blog, so here's the info for that:

I hope to see some familiar faces there. If you're at PAX East, please come by and say howdy.