PAX East Panels

The schedule is up for PAX East! You can see it here. Looks like an interesting lineup. I see quite a few intriguing panels I need to catch. 

Both of my panels are on Saturday. One is first thing in the morning; the other's in the late evening.  Going to be a long day! 

The Censorship panel is my brainchild.  Recently, it's been clear to me that many people have no idea what censorship is or how games are made. I tried to find knowledgeable speakers from every corner of the industry—AAA to indie to mobile—and I'm gratified by the expertise and experience represented on the panel.  We're looking forward to dispelling some myths. 

For the empathy games panel, I'll speak openly about Project Untold for the first time. And there are some talented indie devs talking about games like This War of MIne and Always Sometimes Monsters. You can learn more about that panel over on Ken Gagne's blog.  

Here's the info from the PAX schedule.