Dead Scare

I'm delighted  to be part of a stretch goal for Dead Scare.  Elsa S. Henry wrote the game, which is "a 1950s, alt-history zombie apocalypse game where all of the characters are the women and children survivors of a Russian viral attack." The creators sought out "female-identified, non-binary, WoC, disabled, or otherwise not-cis-white-dudes to write 500 city guides" as stretch goals for their Kickstarter. Each guide will provide inside information about a region of the country the writer knows well. I, of course, snagged Washington, DC. 

I had to write up a new bio for the project, and I like it so much that it might become my official resume summary.

Anna Megill spent a decade working on titles for companies like Hasbro, Nintendo, ArenaNet, Airtight/Square Enix, and Ubisoft before switching to indie games. Currently, she's writing visual novels for Project Untold. As the frequent winner of titles like "Most Likely to Die First in a Horror Movie" and "Most Reluctant Zombie Dog Killer," Anna looks forward to helping you learn from her terrible mistakes.

                                  Nice puppy! You're just misunderstood...

                                  Nice puppy! You're just misunderstood...

I'll post more information and links to the Kickstarter when they're available.