A Million Monkeys and One TV Show

I've had some extraordinary conversations with fellow gamewriters recently about our inspirations and the games that made us choose this medium as the only viable means of expressing our stories. And I thought, "Why not share these conversations?" I couldn't think of a good way to worm out of it (my brain is a pest), so I'm starting a show on Twitch Creative.

Each week (or so) I'll have a guest gamewriter on to play any game of their choosing. They'll walk us through a section of the game and break down what's happening narratively. I think it'll be a lot of fun and very educational for anyone looking to get into gamewriting.  Or for anyone who wants a deeper understanding of game story.

The title is tentatively "Story Goes Here," but I'm leaning more and more toward "A Million Monkeys" as a jab at all those people who think gamewriting is easy. That title was suggested by Aaron Linde, who will also be my first guest. We're playing Earthbound, I suspect.

I'll post more details as the show develops, so stay tuned!