Project Announcement Date

At long last, Airtight has set the announcement date for our project: June. It's coming up fast, and I'm starting to get nervous. I think the game is cool, and I've worked hard to make it fun, but there's always a chance that the critics will hate it or that fans won't be interested. Plus, this is my first project as the narrative designer. So that's why the seasonal monarch butterfly migration is happening in my belly these days. 

When I mentioned my nerves on Twitter, a GW2 fan and generally awesome person recorded a pep talk to reassure me. I can play it whenever I feel trepidatious. Although Airtight will no doubt keep all reporters far, FAR away from me, this inspirational speech will keep me from throwing up on any media types who wander too close.

Thanks, Bryan!

Bryan RahRah by cynixy


Edit: Bryan was uncomfortable having his voice shared with everyone, so I removed the file. But it was inspirational, take my word.