Gamer's Revenge

This story is making the rounds and it's worth posting about. It shows how the perception of women in gaming by gaming culture lags behind the reality.

It's hard to believe that  there are still people out there who think girls don't play video games. Or that they are poseurs trying to fake their way into the scene for some sweet, sweet geek action. I guess? I mean, I've never been able to understand what people think women would get out of pretending to be geeks if they weren't.

Statistics show that women make up nearly half of the gaming audience. It's a fact that game companies are slowly coming to realize. Yet moments like the one Rae experienced still happen. I can still walk into a game store and have the clerk  condescendingly lecture me about the merits of a game I wrote for. Even the Forbes article, while celebrating the victory of Rae over the troll, distinguishes between gamers and "girl gamers." We are all just gamers. The sooner everybody understands this, the more fun we can all have together.