Donkey Kong Revamped

This is an awesome story about a parent doing it right. 

Of course, instead of looking at this story and thinking, "Hey, how cool that a young girl gets to play a classic arcade game as a character she can identify with," a lot of people saw this as an outrage. I saw reactions ranging from the predictable ("There are already plenty of games she can play as a girl. Why can't she just play those and leave Donkey Kong alone?") to the rather bizarre and stern ("She needs to learn the world doesn't revolve around her and just suck it up"). My favorite reaction was a satire so subtle that most people didn't get it.


If only you COULD brainwash people into becoming feminists by letting them play as female characters. The struggle for fair representations of women in games would be a lot easier. However, it is encouraging to see parents out there ensuring that at least one little girl gets to wait a while before having to "suck it up."