Not clear on the concept

As everybody knows, I love the game Journey. Even though there isn't a word spoken in the entire game, it tells a beautiful, emotionally wrenching story. Most important of all, to me, is that you don't kill anything in the game. The industry is drowning in gameplay that requires destructive acts from players: killing, tearing down, conquering. I have nothing against games that use this sort of gameplay, but I was starting to worry that our industry was suffering from a lack of imagination. Then along came Journey with its reimagining of the Hero's Journey, eloquent story telling, and not a single murder. It was refreshing and different. It won many well-deserved GotY awards and was my personal favorite title from last year.

Knowing all this, you can imagine my hearty facepalm when @ironmaus sent this to me today:


I'm sure it's just a joke or easter egg from the good folks behind Knights of Pen and Paper, but it shows how hard it is to think up something completely new in gameplay.