Epic Rap Battles of Tyria: Gwen vs. Miku

Here is Stumme's latest installment: Gwen vs. Miku!

This won't be an illusion
I'm going to make this quick
And at least I can spit MY rhymes
Without a verbal tic!


"Heh" is the sound of amusement
It makes sense that you wouldn't know
You've probably forgot what laughter is
Because you're SO emo!


The only tears that'll be shed here
Will be yours by the time I'm through
I'm leaving behind a legacy
Who's even going to remember you?


I've heard your story, Goremonger,
And trust me, it isn't flattering
While you're busy sulking I'm out there living
'Cause it's the experiences that end up mattering!


I've had it up to here with your cheery attitude!
It's time you learned some sense 
As I commence 
To end this little feud
You've lost to me one time already,
And this is about to be another
How can your words have any effect on ME,
When they couldn't even sway your brother?


Remember when your flute got broken? 
You should have taken that as a sign
That you've got no musical talent, 
Because you've got no decent rhymes!
You call your lines an insult? Why don't you cry a little more
All of your baggage must weight you down, carrying it has GOT to be a chore!
You need to ease up on the anger, sweetie, it's not that hard to do
You made Hearts of the North read more like the Taming of the Shrew!