Happy birthday to me!

I'm having the most amazing birthday today. Overwhelmed by all the good wishes and love. Thanks, everybody. So far, I've received two gifts that have really moved me.

My brother designed a custom pair of Converse sneakers for me: The Oceanna.


I was nervous before I saw them because Chris said, "Think: whimsy," and I did. Very, very nervous. But they are FANTASTIC. Now I will never be laughed out of a Kpop concert. Not that I was worried about that happening before…much. Not only are they cute and pop-py, but he got a little sassy with the heel tag. I can't wait until they arrive.

My other touching gift comes from a GW2 fan and friend, Kent Benson. I had a crappy day a while back, where it only rained when I was trying to get home from work. Otherwise, the skies were clear. I was so pissed that I tweeted about it, and Kent offered to make a strip once classes were over. Then this morning, he posted this gorgeous thing on my FB page:

 He got all the details right, from the Airtight Games logo on my workplace door to the tiny smile on Miss Nixy's face. I especially adore how it looks like I'm going to kick the weather's butt in panel 3. Such a lovely gift. 

Yep, this birthday is shaping up to be a memorable one.