Epic Rap Battles of Tyria: Mhenlo vs. the Wintersday Dwarf

Nope, it's not another GW2 award. It's better! Here's another epic rap battle of Tyria from John Stumme. Happy holidays! 

Mhenlo vs. The Wintersday Dwarf

Ladies, It's that special time of year,
And all your dreams just came true
I'll grant you Divine Favor,
When I use my Healing Touch on you
You can't spell "Holiday Men" without Mhenlo,
But I'm the only one you'll ever need
So why bother with a rap battle?
This dwarf should just concede!

Wintersday Dwarf:
I don't want to rap
I just want to die
You know what I hate most about Wintersday?
The fact that I'm still alive : \

Your life must be pretty sad,
I'd cry for what I'm hearin'
But I'm too busy filling everyone
With my holiday spirit
I've got a present to unwrap,
But little man, it's not for you
With your lack of cheer I'm left to fear
Your Wintersday isn't the only thing that's blue!

Wintersday Dwarf:
I heard your raps might be bad enough to kill me
Well, at least you can say you tried
I really wish you'd succeeded
I really wish I'd died : |

Listen, I get that you're depressed, and really, I would be too
If I were a Grentchy little dwarf all locked up in a candy cane zoo
Because compared to me? Let's be honest
I'm an Adonis, and there isnt anyone who wouldn't get on this
I'm at the top of everyone's list, whether they're naughty or nice
And every time they're checking me, you know they're checking twice
While you'd get shot down by the mistletoe
Grenth lets Dwayna win just to see you go!

Wintersday Dwarf:
Whatever. Is it done?
Maybe now you'll leave me be
All I ever get for Wintersday
Is another year of misery : [