ArenaNet Staff Shirt Auction

Yikes. I swore that I'd never be one of those people who lets their blog languish without updates for months, yet here I am. I've become what I hate. Fortunately, I have something cool to post about to make up for my blog neglect:

 When I left ArenaNet, I had three staff shirts. I kept one as a GW2 souvenir, but I auctioned the others off on ebay. At the end of the auction, I was contacted by Carol Wong. She had purchased my shirts for her guild (The Brotherhood of Steel) and planned to auction them off for charity. I scrawled my signature on the back of the shirts and sent them off to Carol. She got everybody from ArenaNet to sign them, and her guild is now selling them online. Proceeds go to Komen for the Cure and Child's Play. Isn't that cool? And far nobler than my cash-only auctions. Here's the auction information:

And here's one of the shirts:

Jump in and bid. Because it's for charity, you get guilt-free purchasing!

UPDATE: The auction was very successful. The Brotherhood of Steel raised $375 for the charities! Carol writes, "One of the auctions was won by Stephen Johnston, founder of GuildLaunch. He is also making a matching donation to Puget Sound Affiliate of Susan G. Komen on behalf of GuildLaunch."

Way to go, guys! I'm honored to have been even a small part of such a generous gesture.