Airtight Part One: Intro to Nature

It's been a while since I posted, I see. A lot of changes occurred in the blank space between this post and the last. I left ArenaNet right after game launch and started work at Airtight Games. It's a different world. There are some things I miss about Arena, but generally I love it at Airtight. I miss the ArenaNet offices, and the view from my desk, and my coworkers of course, but there are tradeoffs. Airtight is located right on the Sammamish River trail. I pop out the back door, and I'm on the river with all the wildlife. 


The trails are teeming with wildlife—especially ducks. There are even special landings purpose-built for duck feeding. Oh, it's going to be a paradise of adorable ducklings there come spring!

Seattle's late summer weather has been gorgeous: moderate temperatures and daily sunshine.  I've been out walking every day in the glory of harvest-time scenery. It's a great way to think through design problems for worrk. Every time I'm stuck, I head out to the trails.