Ask Anna #8: What Writing Program Should I Use for Scripts?

A short one, but I think it'll be useful.

i saw ur game script u posted in game writers group

am using ms-word to write my game story, i want to know if there are any other writing package that will b better for game writing than microsoft word package thanx..........

I know many writers who use Word and get along fine with it. They use the style presets for script formatting. Game studios usually have proprietary software that you'll only have access to once you're hired, and you likely won't know ahead of time what it is. Or have access to it. If you want a tool that automatically formats text into a script, you could try Final Draft or Scrivener. I use Scrivener, because it combines a bunch of other programs into one. But it's $40., so maybe stick with Word if you're on a budget. 


Brianna Wu responded to my post with her recommendation:

Brianna's right. It's a beautiful UI. In fact, it's much cleaner than anything I've ever seen in a game studio. I'm afraid it might spoil writers for the real thing.