Ask Anna—Coming Soon!

I've decided this is a good place to answer the questions that people ask me—and to passive-aggressively respond to my critics in the comments sections of various sites. If you have any questions, especially about games, gamewriting, or diversity, please submit them through this site or Twitter. I'll pick one or two to answer each weekend. And…let's keep this clean, okay?

Josh: You can see the questions here. ;) 

Submissions so far:

  • How can you talk about feminism when you worked on a Playboy game? And Guild Wars has skimpy girl costumes!

  • When writing for games, what kind of things do you take inspiration from? How much of those really shape your work? I mean, how many of those are highly-influential on your writing?

  • What is a "game"?

  • No cooking advice I assume? :p

  • You've tweeted a lot about how GTAV isn't as satirical as people think it is. What would a satirical GTA look like from your PoV?

  • Can I have your pancake recipe?

  • If we make the "feminist" changes you want to video games, aren't they just going to be sexist toward men?

  • Don't you know that girls like shooters too? Stop trying to speak for all women.

  • How do you turn the litmus paper blue?

  • Can I have a dollar?

  • Wait, why does HE get a dollar? 

  • Can I also have the dollar you would have given to Matthew?

  • I've been thinking about character development a lot recently and was curious about your thoughts on the subject. How do you go about setting up your character? how do you infuse them with particular traits and ideals? 

  • [Thinking about what happened with GTA V], how far do you think it is acceptable to go in the search for a more equal 'playing field'? Surely forcing [creators] to do something they aren't ready to do would create something hated across the board, and slammed for portraying the gender wrongly?

  • Well, now I'm curious. What is your favorite color?

  • What IS your favorite color?

  • Spit or swallow? (on the topic of wine-tasting, of course)

  • What is your favorite food ?

  • Who is your all-time favorite k-pop band?

  • Bonus points for naming her kpop bias?

  • I just enjoy zoning into Malchor's Leap and hearing this anguished "DWAYNA" across the zone. =3 Did you also work on the skill challenge up above the event location where the Sylvari is talking about Malchor?

  • I was afraid to ask this but what's your favorite vege burger?

  • Have you tried cooking a snake yet? I hear they are capable of breaking hexes if prepared correctly.

  • What was your all-time most awkward bus commute moment?

  • Who is your favorite bus commute buddy?

  • What do you have against GTA? It's not for you, so get over yourself and let gamers enjoy it. 

  • Kirk or Picard?

  • Or Janeway? She's got the coffee.

  • What do you do all day besides tweet?

  • How can you love K-Pop when J-Pop is so obviously superior? 

  • Also, when will there be a Hudson Hawk 2?

  • Who is your favorite minion?