About Anna

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It's been a journey…

Anna Megill writes and designs narrative for award-winning games. During her almost fifteen years in the industry, she’s worked on a wide range of titles for companies such as Remedy Entertainment, Arkane Studios, Airtight Games/Square Enix, Ubisoft, Hasbro, Nintendo, and ArenaNet. You’ve probably played one of her games.

Best known for her work on Dishonored: Death of the Outsider and Guild Wars 2, Anna also serves as a guest critic for competitions like the WAG Challenge and is a regular panelist at gaming conferences like PAX and GDC, speaking on topics from horror tropes in media to narrative innovation. Playboy named her one of “Six Women Whipping the Video Game Industry into Shape,” and she was chosen as the first “Game Changer” in The Mary Sue’s interview series about influential women in games. You’ll also find Anna on various podcasts, discussing literature, diversity, esports, dangerous cooking, and her undying passion for Kpop.

She enjoys all the things that you'd imagine someone who writes games would enjoy and many unexpected things, too. Like giving interviews. She loves giving interviews. And talking about herself in the third person. Especially that.

Anna currently works at Ubisoft Massive on the gorgeous and cinematic Avatar Project.